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Jul 02nd
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Dangerous premise ...

... and I'm not talking about diving horses. "Abuse is in the eye of the beholder"?? Are you serious? Way to open up anything and everything we do in concert with any living thing to random, baseless accusations of abuse! Which, btw, I see going on quite enough, thank you. I'm apalled at the inevitable outworkings and ramifications of such a ridiculous statement. IS this activity, as it is planned to be conducted, genuinely abusive -- by expert determinations, defined parameters and objective fact? If so, then it should not be allowed. But, "Bad Decision" -- if you think any halfway intelligent person is going to run right off and sign a petition promoting a ban based on you saying "well, that's how we see it, so that's how it's gonna be," then in my case, you're going to be decidedly disappointed. Or at least I fervently hope and PRAY you are.

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1 Tuesday, 14 February 2012 21:31
Your Superior
You should have stayed in school. Your powers of critical thinking and deductive reasoning are skewed towards retardation. Get a clue.

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