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Jul 05th
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To be an ESPN writer/editor and to have racial and ethnic slurs constantly and unconsciously running through his tiny, little head must be torturous for Anthony Federico, considering how many non-white sports stars are there in professional sports. Even novice high school newspaper writers know that some words and phrases are never to be used in print (or online), without having to be taught. He deserves a break from doing or writing about anything sports-related...for life. As for Max Bretos - Just because your wife is Asian it doesn't mean that you're free of any racism towards Asians, much less any other racial or ethnic groups! What kind of fuzzy logic is that for an overly-paid ESPN anchor? Go back to college and take Philosophy (Logic) 101 while you're on suspension. In comparison, Juan Williams got fired for a much less offensive remark. So stop whining because you still got to keep your job (with no salary reduction) to support your half-Asian family. Or you can book more speaking engagements during your suspension and rattle off more epithets that happen to be on your mind. Thanks to you "My wife is Asian" is now the new "My best friend is Black." Don't kid yourself - your tweet was no apology, just a bad attempt to find an excuse for having diarrhea of the mouth. Please do not use your wife as tissue when it happens again. Some unsophisticated sports writers and news pundits chimed in and defended Bretos on his use of the "commonly used" sports phrase while on the air as unintentional, because the phrase has been used so often in sports media. Therein lies the problem, sports reporters, columnists and talking heads are predominantly white and male, that's why this phrase has been in use in sports media for this long. It may also probably explain why ESPN is well-known for making offensive comments towards people of color and women for as long as it has been in existence. So these headlines and on-air remarks are not surprising at all - it's just very sad that the general public (and even some journalists) have paid any attention to these slurs because of JLin.


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