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Jul 01st
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First of all, the media needs to just stop. They aren't doing any good by publicizing negatively on our troops protecting their very own right towards their first amendment. The SS flag represents "Scout Sniper", not a nazi symbol. Second of all, why would the very own men who fought agaisnt and shed blood towards the Nazi's, take up their symbol and use it in the same context? The media is B.S. First they throw a piss picture out and now this? They need to go suck it, without the Marine Corps, they would all be slaves under a horrible, ruthless dictator.

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1 Sunday, 12 February 2012 10:22
We are already slaves under a Dictator who sends us to war without congressional approval. Also regardless of what the Corp has accomplished, it doesnt give them a free pass to do as they please. The symbol was a Roman symbol before it was Nazi, and Nazi, before it became a Scout Sniper symbol. Maybe we need to find out how it became the symbol in the first place, and realize our military had alot of German /Nazi influence after WWII. We brought all the smart ones back, and released most of the German POW's mainly Indiana, into society after the war.

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