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Jul 04th
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This is an age of increasing acceptance and approval of homosexuality. Homosexuality is portrayed by many in government, in public education and in our colleges and universities as just one of many normal, legitimate lifestyle choices. Some people engage in “gay bashing.” But it must be remembered that people who engage in such activities are sinning against God and they are not at all living in accordance with the law of Christ. The true Christian loves the homosexual and shows it by giving him equality., Where are gay rights?? Where is the equality?? Christie is a coward who has now passed the buck to the people. In my opinion Christie has a god complex. He speaks of New Jersey's unemployment rate dropping, but he fails to mention the people that are living life after their 99 weeks of unemployment. They are off the rolls, thus unemployment dropped. Maybe the Governor can tell us how our Social Service and Food Stamp Department are surviving ? When is the Governor going to open the HUD list so the unfortunate people who lost their homes people can move out of a government funded Hotel or Motel who charge $2,500 or more a month for 1 room crammed with a family of four. Or the people who are homeless and living in their cars? Christie can candy coat how well he's doing in the State of NJ. But we know it is all BULL!! He has destroyed the state as we knew it.


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