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Jul 02nd
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Nuclear plants not safe...earthquake..

U.S. Nuclear plants are not safe from we can see from Japan. They built their plant with earthquake standards due to their location in the "ring of fire". Why couldn't the use U.S. use are abundant "natural gas" at plants for? We have an abundance of pipelines running throughout the U.S. Why couldn't we put that to good use...for running cars too...we are way too dependent on oil from other countries...I mean we sell ours to other countries because it's more of a "profit" that way..rather than keeping what we use for ourselves here in the U.S. Bottom Line: Our nuclear plants are only built to standards for the particualr area that they are in...if no earthquakes..then standards are not high...all nuclear plants should have been built to super super high standards with all scenarios for disaster be put in place with weekly training for the employees there and monthly meetings for people within so many mile radius of the plant...


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