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Jul 04th
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Please use your inside voice next time.

Sensationalism and humiliation are like the anus of the press. A lot of respectable people in this country don't care to see it or smell it. If someone has their fly down in public, and you're the first one to catch it, it's not polite to shout "HEY EVERYONE, LOOK AT THIS GUY!! HE DIDN'T REALIZE HIS FLY WAS DOWN!!!" You walk up to the person, tap them on the shoulder, and say (psst, your fly is down, you might want to fix that) and you thereby afford that person the opportunity to quietly correct it themselves. How about next time you're offended by something, you approach the "offenders", tap them on the shoulder, and say "Sir/Ma'am, do you realize what you are doing is offensive to myself and probably a lot of other people?". If they persist, be my guest and complain. But if I know anything about Marines (as a once active-duty Marine), typically all it takes to fix a belligerent Marine is to inform someone higher up in their chain of command (and there's no need to start with the Secretary of Defense for future reference) because Marines pride themselves in being able to correct their unit without bringing the top brass into the situation. And for all these editorial comment writers, how about you stop giving into this type of reporting. You're being baited to comment about something that has nothing to do with your everyday life. There's not even enough information here to give the background as to why this symbol was being used, hence the investigation. Instead so many of your comments just fill in the blanks and say "they knew this and that" or "they're all gang members". What are you all, some kind of mind-readers? Do you know the Marines personally? If not, how about you keep your rotten opinions to yourselves and stop pretending like you know what you're saying. It's hard enough to be a Marine without a bunch of know-it-all commentators constantly pointing fingers at us screaming about "hate-monger" this, and "white-supremacy" that.


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