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Jul 01st
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Research Madness and they should be closed down

The same institute that WHO chief adviser Dr. Albert Osterhaus operates from and who mainly caused the global drugs companies to make billions upon billions by the WHO calling an official pandemic. Now they create the greatest human killer of all time in their Labs. Do I feel another tens of billions of dollars drugs scam coming on? Possibly. How do these non-intelligent people live with themselves when this could quite easily fall into the wrong hands...and they want to put it into print also. Sheer madness ! These people want locking up and the key throwing away. For the Swine Flu showed over a year ago that by the time a new vaccine was produced we would all be well dead. i.e. the Spanish flu took from start to finish 6 months to kill up to 100 million and where the Swine flu vaccine was only created in the Labs after 6 months...then we had to manufacture it for the world. Therefore I will say it again, the only way to stop such a thing happening (and according to WHO D-G Margaret Chan it is only a matter of time, not when) is to address the killer virus at source. Is there respectfully anyone listening out there? Dr David Hill World Innovation Foundation


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