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May 27th
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The TRUE Judge...

These situations are always terrible to witness... BUT, they happen! The preacher in question has had these rumors surrounding him for many years. My prayers are that The LORD's will be done... That his wife be comforted and endowed with bravery to stand up and SPEAK THE TRUTH(because the LORD honors the TRUTH!)... Also that the church's eyes will be opened and they begin to operate as the LORD sees fit. There are qualifications that men who desire to be Bishops, Pastors, Elders and Overseers MUST MEET! Some men try to hide themselves from these requirements(that can be found in the book of 1st Timothy) by stating they are not "Bishops" but instead "Pastors" because the Apostle Paul begins the address to church leadership, "If any man desires the office of a "Bishop..." However, the words Bishop, Pastor, Elder and Overseer all mean EXACTLY the same thing in the original language of Paul's address to Timothy which is greek. The words all come from the word "Episkimo" in the Greek. ALL Pastors are held to this same standard and should be constantly examined by the church to ensure this is so. Most Pastors will casually say "I'm just a servant" but how many actually believe this? Galilee and surrounding "churches" PLEASE WAKE UP! GOD has given us a way to avoid being "led astray". Let's not ignore it. Pray for ALL the families involved. And members of Galilee, don't be fooled and pressured into keeping quiet when and or if questioned by authorites! SPEAK THE TRUTH, because the TRUTH will set you free and maybe even the Pastor in question! GOD hates liars, but HE delights in RIGHTEOUSNESS! Regardless of what happens in this investigation, remember that no authority supercedes that of THE GOD of creation. He will judge fairly. -Parishioner

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2 Tuesday, 20 April 2010 16:11
Parishioner (The 1st one)
"Another Parishioner". Are you a current member of the church (Just wanna know)?

Your concerns are extremely valid. Like most black pastors, John Harris has set up a dictatorship. He has surrounded himself with people that will never stand up against him, and those that do are often publicly humiliated, leaving other members and even clergy afraid to address his sin. As I originally stated, TWENTY YEARS this man has been in the middle of such allegations!!! I've spoken to members of the clergy about this man's sin and beleive me when I say IT IS NO SECRET!!!!!! The clergyman just kept saying "pray for him." He does indeed have my prayers but he needs to have a seat! He is not fit to lead a church with so much going on in his life. If these cowardly clergy loved this preacher OR this church at all, they would sit him down so that he can be counselled and if he is unrepentitive he should be permantly excommunicated from the church. Think about the people that are hurt by these situatiions... His wife must be devestated... The church is obviously scarred... And the women and their respective families are no doubt experiencing hardship... My suggestion to you "Another Parishioner", is to seek the LORD about leaving the church. But if HE does indeed tell you to stay, then STAY and NEVER "just keep quiet"! Speak the TRUTH... In gentleness and LOVE. But NEVER WAIVER!

Be strong my brother or sister...
1 Monday, 07 December 2009 11:40
Another Parishoner
How does the church hold a Pastor accountable when the deacons take upon themselves to make decisions that disregard the entire congregation? Pastors are to lead by example as all believers in Christ.. ”—we are nonetheless answerable for our own choices. Regardless of the cause, sin is never justifiable, and God will hold us accountable. He gave each person free will,which means we all have the right to make our own decisions, wise or unwise. Our choices include whether or not to serve the Lord. With freedom comes personal responsibility for right and wrong behavior, attitudes, and responses. Placing blame is not a game for believers. Each one of us will give an account of himself to God." (Romans 14:12) Continue to pray for the body of Christ that we will be about our Father's business.

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