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Jun 30th
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what US did for Pak?

Other giving usa costly war and backstabbing Pakistan various times during the cold war who are Americans to accuse Pakistan? Each time we stand up to them they threaten to cut off aid like in Raymond Davis's case. They violate our sovereignty and then expect us to give them back such an expensive piece of tech. We built our own nukes out of uranium. USA owed us the aid for bringing in the war. F***k USA I say we go for China

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1 Sunday, 08 May 2011 21:45
Richard Montgomery
The Soviet Union had nuclear weapons since 1951 and never used them. You want to know why? Mutual Assured Destruction. Whenever Pakistan wants to die, they have the opportunity. Just use one. As far as going with China, "Good Riddance" We can use the $10 Billion we give you, back here in the USA.

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