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Jun 03rd
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Barbeque danger: Ingesting cleaning brush bristles causes injury, death

HOTtopic041212_optBY BOB HOLT

Those who enjoy barbecuing during the summer always need to be careful. But now people are seeing more reason need to use extreme care in how they clean their grills.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that people have been suffering injuries from ingesting stray wire bristles from grill brushes that break off during cleaning and land on the grill and the burgers.

USA Today reported that one Rhode Island hospital has seen a dozen cases of people injured by the bristles, according to the CDC. They said cases have ranged from puncture of the soft tissues of the neck, making swallowing painful, to perforation of the gastrointestinal tract, requiring emergency surgery.

The CDC report says that between March of 2011 and June of2012 six additional people between the ages of 31 to 64 suffered such injuries, according to Five of the six were men.

According to red Orbit, the CDC said the Consumer Products Safety Commission is investigating which brushes may be defective. They said they can’t recommend a particular grill cleaning brush until the investigation is completed.

Last month a New Jersey man nearly died after eating a two-inch long metal wire from a brush with his steak dinner.

Wiping down a grill with a wet paper towel has been recommended after brush cleaning, along with alternative cleaning tools.


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