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Jun 30th
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Swedish motorist trapped in snow-covered car ate snow to survive

Phil__Maria_02-20_optBY BOB HOLT

We’ve had a relatively mild winter in New Jersey, but temperatures in parts of the country are still frigid.

Temperatures in the northern part of Sweden had recently fallen to -22 degrees Fahrenheit. Which makes it all the more amazing that Swedish police found a man there who had been trapped in his car for two months without food.

According to the BBC, police found the man’s car about 0.6 miles from a main road at the end of a forest track.

The Irish Times reports the 45-year old man was found by snowmobilers near the city of Umea. The snowmobilers dug into the snow until they found a window and saw the man moving. The man had been in a sleeping bag, and said he had been trapped since December 19th.

Ebbe Nyberg of local police said the man was "in really bad shape," starving and could barely move or speak, according to the Telegraph. Nyberg said, "It's just amazing he's alive!" The unidentified man, is from Oerebro in central Sweden.

Tommy Cederholm, a professor of clinical nutrition, said that 60 days is considered the longest time a human can survive on just water without food. According to the AFP, he said, "Surviving more than 60 days is unlikely, but cold temperatures means metabolism and energy use decline.”

Along with surviving by eating snow, physician Stefan Branth said the man probably also went into a dormant-like state. "A bit like a bear that hibernates. Humans can do that," he said.

How the man ended up under the snow in the forest is unknown, according to police.


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