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Jul 07th
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Occupy Black Friday could lead to employee layoffs for large retailers

occupyblackfri112211_optBY BOB HOLT

The “Occupy” movements around the United States have come up with another idea to hit the 1 percent where it hurts - and it’s called Occupy Black Friday.

According to the Blaze, the idea is to boycott major retailers on the day after Thanksgiving to slow down credit card activity and the profits of the major marketers in the fourth quarter. I thought the recession was taking care of that.

The stock market is being called the source of the Black Friday protests. Occupy Black Friday's Facebook page describes the event as the one day where mega-corporations blatantly dictate our actions, pushing their ledgers from red to black, and they urge shopping at independent stores.

Securityinfowatch.com reports that there is a distinct difference between "occupation" of retail establishments on private property as opposed to public property. Retail security consultant Curtis Baillie said that the first thing he would recommend that store personnel ask the protesters to leave.

"If they continue to block customers from shopping I would advise them that they are trespassing and call the police,” he said. “ Last week they 'occupied' a bank and sat down on the bank floor. The bank called the police and they were eventually removed."

Commentary Magazine points out that the local store employees will be affected most by any fallout from Black Friday boycotts more than the one percent. Poor sales would mean layoffs by next year.

The movement has its own suggested list of stores to boycott on Black Friday, and a listing of the top 100.


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