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Jul 06th
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All about Me-lo: Carmelo Anthony called a selfish player

anthonyCarmelo101711_optBY DAVE RAGAZZO

With the emergence of New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin, the “Linsanity” has made everyone forget about the other star player that has been sitting on the bench waiting to come back from an injury.

Although he hasn’t been in the lineup, Anthony managed to make headlines after his interview with Stephen A. Smith on ESPN Wednesday night.

When asked about the idea of being a selfish player, Anthony disagreed with the statement and doesn’t know where the talk is coming from.

"That's like a slap in the face," Anthony said during the interview. "None of my teammates I've ever played with would say that I was a selfish player. Nobody."

He may not think he is selfish, but one thing is certainly clear. Anthony still wants to take the last shot and isn’t shy about it.

"Of course I want to take the last shot, let's be quite frank,” he said. “I've been it doing for nine years already, and I've made a ton of them."

If the Knicks want to keep playing at this level, the last thing they would need is Anthony to be playing selfish and disturb the now pass happy offense. In games where Anthony has taken 20 or more shots, the team is 2-7.

Despite the immense skill that Anthony possesses, the Knicks will need Lin to keep playing as the catalyst and Anthony will have to pick and choose the right times to score. Lin’s ability to truly run the point will give Anthony plenty of open looks; especially during the rest of the much defenseless regular season.

The Knicks locker room is still behind Anthony and believe that his return can do nothing but help the team reach the playoffs and beyond.

"We have no worries about Carmelo. He's a phenomenal player," Amare Stoudemire said after Wednesday’s 100-85 defeat of the Kings.

"I think it's completely nonsense,” Center Tyson Chandler added. “At the beginning of the season, we were asking players to do too much. Now we have a natural point guard that makes life easier for other guys and puts [players] in their natural position. So we're going to be more of a threat."

Anthony looks to possibly return Friday when the Knicks host the New Orleans Hornets. Once he returns, he is confident that the team will be a dangerous matchup for anyone in the league.

"We're a tough matchup with that team [the Miami Heat]. For anybody."


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