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Jul 05th
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Texas golfer Clay Carpenter, stabbed with putter on course, gets bad news

golfer031912_optBY BOB HOLT

Unfortunately, golf became a full-contact sport for a man in Texas earlier this year.

Clay Carpenter, 48, was playing on a golf course at a resort near Eagle Mountain Lake in Texas with friends when the course marshal told them to play through a slower group in front of them. After the men played,, Carpenter said a man in the other group charged them, waving a putter.

According to MyFox Dallas Fort-Worth, Carpenter said, “He swings at my head with his putter. I stick my hand up. It breaks my thumb, and the next thing I know my buddy’s saying, 'Clay you’ve been stabbed.' My shoes were filling up with blood and at that point I passed out.”

ESPN Dallas reports that Carpenter was stabbed back on Jan. 27 after an argument broke out, according to Terry Grisham of the Tarrant County Sheriff's Department. Carpenter said the attacker stuck the broken shaft of the putter through his leg and punctured his femoral artery twice.

The Star-Telegram reported that a man in the slower group made an 11-minute call to 911, and said that he didn't know what happened. He said, "He's passed out once already. We've got his artery clamped with our hand.”

Another man called for a helicopter ambulance, saying, "He's about to die. He was standing up, and we saw this blood coming out of his groin area. It was like a leaky faucet, it was so bad."

Mail Online reported there have been no charges filed or arrests made, as the incident is still being investigated. Carpenter, who has run four marathons, may lose his leg to amputation.

Carpenter said, “I’ll never be a runner again. I’ve lost the ability to properly use my leg.”


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