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Jul 05th
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Tim Tebow living in Hobo? Hoboken may be N.Y. Jet's next pod


The favorite son of Hoboken has always been legendary singer Frank Sinatra, who was born on Monroe Street on Hoboken’s west side in 1915.

Well, word is out that there is a new kid in town who will most certainly capture the spotlight.

There’s a rumor that Tim Tebow will be living in the luxury Constitution building in north Hoboken.

Sources close to actor and comedian Artie Lange, who lives in Hoboken, confirmed that the New York Jets quarterback will be his neighbor. Hoboken is certainly a party town. One thing for sure, there are a lot more bars and restaurants adorning the city than churches.

Hoboken’s star-studded history:

On June 19, 1846 Hoboken played host to the first organized game of baseball. The New York Nine defeated the Knickerbockers, 23 to 1 in four innings at Hoboken's Elysian Fields near the current site of Elysian Park and the former Maxwell House facility.

Numerous attractions in Hoboken drew celebrities of the time. George Washington was an honorary member of the Turtle Club, which met near the Elysian Fields at Tenth Street; Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr were active members. Charles Dickens wrote about his visit to Hoboken in 1842. John Cox Stevens began America's first yacht club in Hoboken in 1844; America. Lillian Russell, John L. Sullivan, Jay Gould, and William K. Vanderbilt entertained guests in Hoboken's Duke's House restaurant. Horace Greeley and Henry Ward Beecher frequented Nick's Bee Hive, a lively saloon. John Jacob Astor build a summer home at Washington and Second Streets.

Colonel Stevens became best known as an inventor considerably ahead of his time. In 1791 he received one of the first patents issued in America, for a steam engine. Thirteen years later his vessel Little Juliana steamed across the Hudson between the Battery and Hoboken. It was the first steamboat driven by twin-screw propellers. In 1808 Colonel Stevens launched the Phoenix , the first steam-driven vessel to make an ocean voyage.


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