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May 28th
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Stream-only? Netflix DVD rental may soon join VHS extinction


First, it was vinyl. Then 8-tracks and cassettes, beta and VHS tapes.

What’s next to land on the endangered species list? DVDs?

That’s a very likely scenario, according to reports which address Netflix and companies like it that are hinting at online streaming only of films and TV shows.

Much of Netflix’s posturing is directly related to the cutbacks on one-day delivery of the U.S. Postal Service, which would signal the end of one-day movie arrival.

Netflix has downplayed plans of the DVD demise, but its spokesperson said recently that while the company is going to work with the USPS on the delivery quandary, Netflix does have plans to go stream-only in the U.S. “at some point in the future.”

Meanwhile, Sony is experimenting with exclusive features embedded into its iTunes movies in an era when DVD sales have dropped substantially and online piracy has surged.

The added bonus extras will apply to digital sales and not rentals, reports said.

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1 Sunday, 26 February 2012 12:36
I remember when my dog decided he was going to rip every piece of mail that came in through the door to shreds one day, a Netflix DVD being one of the parcels. Haha I made sure he stayed out of the living room while I was gone from home. For a while I didn’t have to worry about him tearing up any more DVD’s apart because I dropped Netflix when they decided they were going to split services and raise prices. I thought I would give Blockbuster @Home a try a few weeks later, and so far it has been great! DVD rentals in the store and by mail, as well as streaming to my TV or laptop were big reasons to get Blockbuster @Home. What I really like is if I have my iPad with me, I can watch movies whether it’s at DISH where I work or at school waiting for class to start. Now that I have blue instead of red envelopes coming through the door, I don’t think my dog is getting so riled up!

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