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Dec 20th
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Christie's Israel trip fit for a king: No apology to N.J. taxpayers

christie030711_optBY BOB HOLT

According to just released figures, Governor Chris Christie’s overseas trip to Israel was also a learning experience for the state’s taxpayers.

The governor’s security expenses came to $39,871 for the taxpayers, according to an Associated Press report in the Asbury Park Press.

Parts of the trip were funded by private organizations, like Choose New Jersey, a non-profit organization that promotes state businesses. They donated an estimated $6,041 for each staffer who accompanied Christie to Israel. Travel costs for each staff member were estimated at $3,546, accommodations were $1,700 each, while meals were about $795 for each.

Staff members are required to disclose the estimates as gifts on ethics forms by state code, but the governor is not.

The Republican Jewish Coalition paid for flights and accommodations for Christie and his family. CBS Philly reported that Christie flew privately and stayed in the most famous hotel in Jerusalem, The King David.

Christie spokesman Michael Drewniak said, according to, “Our intention was to accomplish this trip at the most minimal possible expense, and definitely don’t make any apologies, nor do we feel the need to justify this in any way whatsoever. This was about as creative a way we could do it but totally properly at the same time.”

According to an Associated Press report in the Asbury Park Press, Christie’s office declined to release additional details about expenses, citing a legal decision from 2010 that allows the executive branch to keep records confidential for security reasons.

Comments (2)
2 Tuesday, 17 April 2012 08:33
Ed M in NJ
@Johnny ZZZ - Nowhere in this article is any agenda stated. Enough with the conspiracy theories.

I think the greater question here is why are we paying for our Governor to go to Israel? Is there not enough to be done here in NJ? Seems like those private entities paying for his trip are trying once again to curry favor with a politician. When do we end buying power and influence?
First off let me preface my comment by saying that I am not a Christie supporter. I do however have a much different view point than Mr. Holt.

Since, Christie's security is already allocated and paid for by New Jersey taxpayers, costs are incurred whether the Govenor is in Trenton or for that matter any other part of New Jersey. Since Christie's trip, along with his staffer's was paid for privately, Mr. Holt should applaud him but he does not. Why? Mr. Holt, in his article should have also mentioned that the Govenor also visited Jordan, but he does not. Why? Mr. Holt also draws attention to the Jerusalem hotel where Govenor Christie stayed. Why and who actually cares? Has Mr. Holt called attention to the Govenor's previous and numerous trips to other states, as well as, their related security costs? Why not?

Mr. Holt's article comes off with the typical anti-semitic bias that is all to familiar in the United States in general and in New Jersey in particular. Perhaps Mr. Holt should just state his true (anti-semitic) agenda out in the open instead of writing biased and misleading articles.

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