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Jul 05th
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Crucify them for price gouging! Jersey consumer affairs has over 500 complaints


ag_seal_opt_1Events like Hurricane Sandy can often bring a community together, but other times it brings out the worst in people.

New Jersey has received more than 500 complaints of price gouging for gasoline, food, lodging, and other supplies since the coming of Hurricane Sandy. reports that the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs issued subpoenas to 65 state businesses on Friday. Gasoline prices were a leading complaint, allegedly rising by $1 or more per gallon, and at some stations the price allegedly went above $5 per gallon.

Prices for generators, batteries and fuels like propane were other issues, with generator prices allegedly doubling from prices posted before the hurricane.

New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa said authorities expect to issue more than 100 subpoenas to New Jersey gas stations by the time the weekend is over, according to Businesses will then be required to show receipts comparing prices and costs from before and after Hurricane Sandy’s arrival, he said.

Governor Chris Christie said, according to CBS Philly, “Having seen firsthand the suffering people are experiencing, I assure New Jersey’s residents and retailers that we are taking a zero-tolerance approach to price gouging,”

Price gouging laws in New Jersey make it illegal to raise prices any more than 10 percent higher during an area’s state of emergency than the price at which something was sold during a normal business day. The price increase law applies for 30 days after the state of emergency ends.

Most complaints were issued in Bergen, Essex, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, and Passaic Counties, according to reports that three gas stations in Mercer County received subpoenas.

Consumers who see evidence of price gouging or other violations are asked to call the Division of Consumer Affairs at (800) 242-5846.

Comments (6)
6 Monday, 05 November 2012 14:56
William T. Weseloski
I buy my gas at Greg Petroleum Service @ 2100 W. County Line Road In Jackson, NJ. I always get Citgo+, Last week (10-25-12) it was $365.9 a gallon, I stopped today (11-5-12) to get gas and the price was $381.9 a gallon? I asked the guy why the price went up when every where else the price has been going down, He said, I just work here, you want gas or not. I left and went else where!
5 Monday, 05 November 2012 11:26
Diane Miller
We have a 21 gallon gas tank. They charged us for 25 gallons. When we told them, they said they did not have time for this !!!!
4 Monday, 05 November 2012 11:23
Jeff V
can someone please do something....I see only 3 complaints and thats just insane... the gas station just charged me $4.69 for a dammm gallon of gas station is open or they are wihtout power in Paterson.....Please this is ridiculous and to add to the insult there are cops out there....Are they even aware of whats going on????
3 Monday, 05 November 2012 10:58
Diane Miller
Our car has a 21 gallon tank, they charged us for 25 gallons. Tried to explain this to them, they said they did not have time for this !!!!
2 Saturday, 03 November 2012 19:08
Omg just paid $4.39 for 93 cash. $4.49 credit when just last week at another station paid $3.77. Insanity
1 Saturday, 03 November 2012 18:59
tim mcdonald
Will lead to shortages. basic economics. anybody seeing long lines for gas? then price should go up.

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