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Jul 02nd
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Gov. Christie charged with showing 'selective outrage' in ignoring Elizabeth school board scandal

wisniewski032210_optWisniewski points out eight members had endorsed governor

State Democratic chairman Assemblyman John Wisniewski Wednesday charged that Gov. Chris Christie is showing selective outrage and a double standard by remaining silent about a Elizabeth Board of Education scandal that includes eight of the members who endorsed him for governor.

An expose that was the result of a four-month-long investigation by The Star-Ledger that was published Sunday detailed “a relentless political machine fueled by nepotism, patronage, money and favors, using its nearly 4,000 employees as a ready-made fundraising base.”

Wisniewski (D-Middlesex) is calling for further scrutiny of the board in light of the allegations.

“The Star Ledger investigation into the Elizabeth Board of Education raises serious allegations,” he said. “It would appear that further scrutiny into the activities and actions surrounding the board is warranted.”

Wisniewski charged Christie, a Republican, has remained silent regarding the matter, which the Assemblyman noted involves supporters of the governor. Wisniewski said that besides the eight board members who endorsed Christie when he was running for governor, current and former board members have served on the governor’s transition team and task forces.

“The silence of former U.S. Attorney Christie regarding the allegations against the Elizabeth Board of Education reflects the selective outrage and double standard when his friends are involved," Wisniewski said. "If the governor were consistent, he would treat these allegations as he would any other, regardless of his personal relationship with those involved.”

Michael Drewniak, Christie’s press secretary, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Comments (4)
4 Thursday, 26 May 2011 12:20
I don't know how you all can be so cynical about this, but as a NJ resident I find this news to be quite troubling. The governor has made a habit of claiming that his crusade is meant to cut corrupt spending, and here he is completely turning a blind eye to it because it is being done by his supporters. Get off your high horses of rationalizing actions and wake up to the reality that it's your responsibility as a citizen to hold your public representatives accountable for their hypocrisy.
3 Thursday, 26 May 2011 10:19
Coffee Party
So, if both sides are corrupt, then why should anybody vote for either side? If the Democrats for Change want to portray themselves as the "Good Government" candidates, then they should have their own house in order first. Stooping to the level of corruption that you accuse your opponents of makes you just as bad as you accuse them of being. The question before the voters in the 20th Legislative District is: Do we keep the devils we know, or do we replace bad with worse? The Elizabeth School Board team are no better than the current corrupt politicians in Union County. In fact, if the allegations against them are true, then they are actually worse. I will vote for somebody different when somebody better comes along. I am not trading one political boss for another political boss. Especially when the Democrats for Change people are such big supporters of Chris Christie. If I wanted to support Chritie, I would join the Tea Party.
2 Thursday, 26 May 2011 08:38
Tina Renna
By Tina Renna | May 24, 2011
The Star-Ledger’s coverage of alleged abuses at the Elizabeth Board of Education is nothing new, neither is their friendship with Senator Raymond Lesniak who is in a heated primary campaign against opponents backed by the Elizabeth Board of Education. The election is Tuesday, June 7th. Just 2 weeks away.

In a County Watchers post published on May 8, 2008 – The Star-Ledger has a stunning reversal in policy, I compared the Star-Ledger’s breaking news, right before the 2008 primary election, on alleged abuses at the Elizabeth Board of Education with their late-breaking news, right after the 2007 General Election, of subpoenas served on Union County Democratic Chairwoman Charlotte DeFilippo.

Today’s Star-Ledger Editorial THE ROT IN ELIZABETH could go on to read Time for a criminal investigation of a sleazy county government. Word for word this editorial could replace the Elizabeth Board of Education with Union County Government and it would fit. In fact they could add to it. Senator Raymond Lesniak’s nephew is the appointed county manager and at least one freeholder won’t publically admit to how many relatives he has on the payroll. Lesniak’s running mate, Assemblyman Joseph Cyan is one of three Undersheriff’s, and what do we need a Sheriff’s Department for along with the county police, public safety and an Emergency Management Coordinator? And how about that new office of Economic Crime/Inspection Bureau under the Sheriff’s Department which lasted only long enough to pad a cronies pension?

The employee solicitations for campaign contributions fit and they could add in the solicitations for the County Manager’s exotic trips, soliciting firms that do business with the county is well documented on this blog. One thing the Ledger would have to add the numerous pension padding scams perpetrated by the county and the reorganizations of departments in order to add favored department heads with experienced department heads being shoved into closets adding hundreds of thousands dollars to the payroll.

And how about the freeholders, who are appointed by the Lesniak political machine, getting to appoint their own prosecutor who is now allegedly investigating Lesniak’s nephew’s Musicfest?

And how about the Union County Democratic Chairman, Charlotte DeFilippo, getting to work her $147,712 county job from home?

The sleaze of Union County government is an endless story, if citizen watchdog’s can uncover what is going on in their spare time, the Ledger surely could if they wanted to.

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1 Thursday, 26 May 2011 07:13
Let the games begin.

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