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Jun 02nd
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Gov. Christie won't discuss meeting with Roger Ailes and Rush Limbaugh

christiechris052411_optClaims executive privilege concerning dinner at Upstate New York home


Gov. Chris Christie wants to keep the details of what went on at a dinner meeting he had with Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, a Republican strategist, and radio commentator Rush Limbaugh in Ailes Upstate New York home on the down low., a gossip website, stated Friday that Christie’s office has refused a request to provide it emails that could be related to the meeting. Christie’s aides declined to confirm if emails exist or if the meeting took place.

Last month, New York magazine reported that the governor, Ailes and Limbaugh met. Ailes has acknowledged the meeting took place.

The aides told that if emails exist, they would be protected under executive privilege.

"In other words, Christie's staff refused to search for any records—which, given the undisputed reports of a dinner and phone call, almost certainly exist—on the basis that Ailes is a confidential adviser whose comments should be shielded from public scrutiny," stated.

It is not the first time Christie has refused to provide records under the state Open Public Records Law. Last year, the governor claimed executive privilege when legislators requested records about his administration’s failed federal Race to the Top application. He eventually provided them when legislators threatened to issue a subpoena. Former Gov. Jon Corzine also used executive privilege to withhold emails between him and Carla Katz, a former girlfriend and union attorney.

Comments (5)
5 Sunday, 04 March 2012 20:38
Darryl Price
Christie tries to portray himself as a tough independent minded republican who refuses to kiss anyone's ring. What a crock. It should be against the law for ANY governor to have private meetings like this. Anyone would vote to re-elect him under these circumstances needs their heads examined. As a NJ resident for all I know he's selling out NJ in order to advance some right wing national agenda. To hell with that.
4 Monday, 20 June 2011 20:51
$arah Falin, used a private email account which is not subject to FOIA. I'll give you this, she was smart enough to do that - but, I don't doubt for one second that she has something to hide. Let's get all of her email both public and private while in office then see what's what.
3 Monday, 20 June 2011 08:22
Now when I lefties hounding a politician for emails I think of Sarah Palin and how much she embarrassed the media.

So many of your ilk is hung up on "gotcha" and "cynicism" that you don't see how vile and repugnant you've become to your readers
2 Sunday, 19 June 2011 10:40
harold brown
How on earth did we elect all of these con men to public office? Instead of jobs they are all pushing an anti government agenda. They forget one thing. They are also the government!!!!
1 Friday, 17 June 2011 17:53
wow, chris christie has just lost my vote. faux news will pump him up as the new messiah while lambasting everyone else as childbeaters. i thought christie had a brain. thank goodness i found out in time. now i have to explain this to my parents. they hate faux news lies and o'reilly and the other nuts. thanks for the ingfo.

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