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Jul 07th
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Grandparents of Sean Goldman denied visitation


For five years, little Sean Goldman’s mother and Brazilian grandparents kept from him from his father David by keeping him in Rio de Janeiro. The situation may have now come full circle, following State Superior Court Judge Michael A. Guadagno’s denial of visiting rights to these same grandparents in a Monmouth County court. He issued the 44-page decision on February 17.

David Goldman had agreed to specific visitation conditions for Silvana Bianchi Ribeiro and Raimundo Ribeiro Filho. After rejecting those conditions, they petitioned the court for more lenient visitation.

MaryAnn Spoto of The Star-Ledger reported that Guadagno dismissed the grandparents’ complaint. He reprimanded them for their "contemptible actions’’ and repeated attempts to undermine the father-son relationship by playing a major part in the original Brazilian litigation.

According to Michelle Sahn of, attorney Jonathan Wolfe, of Skoloff and Wolfe in Livingston, confirmed his clients’ disappointment. They accused Goldman of continuously cutting them off from Sean since he returned to Tinton Falls to live with his father in 2009. The grandparents may choose to take further legal action.

The custody battle, creating an international dispute over custody rights for Sean, began in June 2004. Goldman's wife Bruna, Sean’s mother, took the child to her native Brazil for a planned short vacation. Upon arriving, she divorced Goldman, cut all ties between him and Sean and then remarried.

After Bruna died in childbirth in 2008, Sean’s stepfather filed for custody. Spoto reported that the Brazilian court was unaware of Goldman’s New Jersey legal action. The court initially granted custody of Sean to the stepfather, who had charged Goldman with abandonment. Guadagno stated that these abandonment accusations went beyond all decency.

The U.S. government became involved once the American media exposed the case on television. In March 2009, talks took place between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Brazilian foreign minister. Congressman Christopher H. Smith (R-NJ) then arranged to travel to Brazil with Goldman, who saw Sean for the first time in over four years.

After much delay and legal conflict, Goldman prevailed and returned to the U.S. with Sean in 2009. Sean and his grandparents communicated via e-mail and photographs, but the grandparents then sabotaged the arrangement by devising a coded e-mail account.

Despite the subterfuge, Goldman would still permit visitation if the grandparents agreed to certain conditions, which included dropping all Brazilian lawsuits. They refused, and Guadagno lambasted them for their lack of gratitude and the relentless legal war. He further charged them with emotional abuse, but agreed to keep the door open for some relationship if the grandparents comply with Goldman’s reasonable expectations.

Comments (10)
10 Monday, 24 September 2012 01:58
Bruna's (Bruja) family are evil and cruel and the bad karma they willingly created has come back indeed. No man or woman should steal a child in the heartless way that Bruja did. The evil bitch grandmother is the epitome of a hipocrite to claim that Sean's father is violating his human rights. She is a child kidnapper and has zero claim to Sean over his blood father. Good riddance to the slob accomplice kidnapping-grandfather. His karma met him sooner than his evil kidnapping wife. The pathetic lawyer who lied and deceived the Brazilian courts is a rat. Victory to David Goldman & his son, Sean. See the Dateline show so one can hear Sean has ZERO interest in seeing or speaking to his thief-grandmother.
9 Sunday, 20 May 2012 11:37
Here's what we know for sure:
Sean's mother fled to a foreign country, told his father to forget about being a father anymore, tried to have her new husband "replace" Sean's real father, then died. So Sean was left with a dead mother and a living father, with the dead mother's family trying to take over paternity and custody on the basis of, well, the fact that they were all in Brazil.
For years, the Brazilian government and legal authorities supported their argument, until the Supreme Court ruled that no one on Earth had legal parental rights other than Sean's living father, and the primacy of his dead mother's family died along with her.
After all this, the dead mother's family wanted to see their grandson again, but decided to pretend that the events spanning several years--especially trying to permanently have custody of a child who wasn't theirs and whose father watched as he was basically extradited to another country--and demanded lenient rights. Both Sean's father and the U.S. legal systems told them to forget it.
After all that, I have no Earthly idea how anyone can have a response to anything these people say except "Fuck you" and any response to his grandfather's death except "That's sad news, but the reasons you never saw your grandkid again are your own fucking fault."
Oh, and while I normally love wild speculation (it's the lifeblood of being a sports fan after all) it would be nice if some of the posters here pulled their heads out of their own butts before constructing logic-free hypotheses. Go be ignorant somewhere else, please.
8 Tuesday, 27 September 2011 11:21
This father is awful person. Poor kid. His granparent died recently and he does not anything about. David Goldman god is wacthing you. You are shame for all jews in the world.
7 Tuesday, 07 June 2011 11:22
This story is a great example why we all should “stick” with our own kind. A relationship is already hard enough between 2 people of the same culture, can you imagine with someone from a different nationality? Love does not last forever, and you would actually be signing your life sentence when things do not work out anymore.
6 Friday, 15 April 2011 13:47
Maristela Assumpção

I just visited Sean Goldman in New Jersey. His looks healthy and happy. I am glad to see him.

Posted dated April 8, 2011

...and there's PROOF that Tostes lied about the morbidly obese story.

ETA Royler is a famous jiu-jitsu instructor. His family is famous in Brazil
5 Wednesday, 23 March 2011 13:35
I would like to know if someone has a picture from Sean Goldman updated, because we have heard about him that he is very sad, depression and obese.
Please, I'm a brazilian and for me It's very hard to accept this condition.
He is only a child and doesn't deserve it in his life.
In this week, Sean's grandparent died and Sean did not know about.
I you have some notice from him, please send me a message:
4 Friday, 18 March 2011 15:39

Sorry....but you're an idiot.
3 Thursday, 10 March 2011 10:10
I find it very sad that David has cut off ties with the boys family. I'm sure that there is a side to the story not being seen here. If Sean's mother was willing to take Sean to Brazil and divorce her husband I am sure she had legitimate reason. I imagine this reason has to do with David's character. The grandparents are probably worried about Sean. I find it very sad that this boy was abruptly taken from his family and home in Brazil to go back to the person and place that his mother wanted to get him away from. Funny, how we didnt hear about any of this until his mother died. If David was such a great father then I think this would have been resolved in a matter of months or not have happend at all. If the boy wantes to live with his family or wants to see his family, this should not be taken away from him.
2 Friday, 04 March 2011 20:32
David is being far more generous than I would have been with the grandparents. Its incredible that the grandparents are unwilling to drop the lawsuits in Brazil in exchange for visitation rights. I would not put them hiring someone to kidnap Sean beyond their dimented minds. I'm sure Sean has very little freedom and is being watched like a hawk and David is rightfully so being protective of Sean and afraid of what actions the grandparents might take. Sad that the grandparents have created this situation. I would request a restraining order to prevent the grandparents from entering the USA.
1 Friday, 04 March 2011 08:42
Karma's a bitch, isn't it?

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