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Jul 04th
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Serial killer on the loose in Brooklyn targeting business owners?


SerialKillers_optA killer with a possible obsession with numerology has killed his third Brooklyn store owner since July.

All three businesses had the number eight in their street address, and all three store owners were of Middle Eastern descent.

The New York Daily News reported that Rahmatolla Vahidipour, 78, was killed Friday evening. It is believed that the gunman shot Vahidipour three times in the head and chest and dragged him to the back of the She She Boutique and covered his body with clothes.

According to Newser, on July 6, 65-year old Mohammed Gebeli was shot in the neck in Valentino Fashion and also dragged to the back and covered afterward. On August 2, Isaac Kadare, 59, was shot in the head and stabbed in the neck in his Amazing 99 Cent Deals store, and the body was also dragged away.

New York Police Department Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne said to CBS New York, “The shell casings that we recovered yesterday matched the .22-caliber shell casings we found at those two other crime scenes, so that would indicate that the same gun, if not the same person, had been used in all three homicides.”

Law enforcement sources told the New York Post, “He could be some guy who has really done his homework on how to do this,” a law-enforcement source said. “Professionals sometimes use .22s, which make less noise and, because it has less firepower, does a lot of internal damage.”

The killings at addresses containing the number eight has local shop owners nervous. One unidentified man said, “My store has eight in the address. I just have to open my eyes bigger and bigger. We can’t lock the door. People see the door locked, they walk away.”


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