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May 05th
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early release

I feel in many ways the world and its recession could be helped by allowing the non-violent inmates out of jail. Most of them have families that are struggling to make it thru the recession and care for love ones that are incarcerated for a long time and have a long time to go while violent criminals are walking around committing more serious crimes. To be honest I feel a lot of them have served they time and should be allowed re-entry into society so we can stop constant cause of single parent homes. My daughter needs her dad , I need him also so I can finish school without worrying about how to work and better my chances in Americas rat race . Also my teenager needs a positive man figure around to enforce positive behavior in him.

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2 Saturday, 05 February 2011 02:43
How about a two fold program, one where the felons who have successfully completed every requirement, that we no longer be judged by our past mistake. then put an educational curriculum together for probabtionary and pre releasing individuals that teach about priorities, networking for positive growth, moderation and safety nets maybe incorprate a mentor program. and those on early release would continue the intensifyd program thru probation/parole and when time and all requirements are done they to no longer have to answer the question about ever being convicted of a felony.... Now if the job was say dealing with peoples identification it would be appropriate to ask at time of job offer about identy theift issues in their past uo to 7 yrs, and cap that after all violent, offenders cant usually complete intense programs. Just a thought from an ex offeneder with great educational and past work experiences going on 2 years unemployed cause i cant get past that question. Ya i can see where re-offending looks like an option but I must beleave in me.
1 Thursday, 25 November 2010 04:23
Amen to that. Shorten the length of the stay and increase the intensity of the "rehabilitation".

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