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Jul 05th
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Esposito is innocent

."During the investigation, Esposito allegedly wrote prescriptions for oxycodone for confidential informants and undercover agents of the DEA in exchange for cash on at least eight occasions" - Are you serious? In order to be prescribed an SSRI does anyone ever examine your brain besides for listening to you? Doesnt stop half the people from taking prozac zoloft paxil etc. daily. The dr in this situation is clearly being made out to look 100X worse than what really happened.. it seems like the dea made a really huge mistake on this one... Taking a 100% innocent man & community activist & going after him in such a sick & sadistic manor. If im reading this right they want the dr's to like bang your knee to make sure its broken & break it more before we can give you some antibiotics.

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1 Saturday, 18 February 2012 10:04
first of all a dr visit is 90 at that office...EVERYBODY PAYS 90 ...AND THEY PAY AT THE DESK...SECOND...anybody who knows anything about selling oxys knows that 90 dollars is crazy when the resale value is so high...500-1000 makes more sense.You can bet madison pd was in on this....THEY DIDNT WANT THAT KIND OF DOCTOR IN THEIR TOWN....THEY ARE A ROUGE POLICE DEPARTMENT...FROM BAD SEARCHES...TO BAD TRAFFIC STOPS...NOW THEY WANNA HANG A GOOD MAN...GOOD LUCK DR

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