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Jun 29th
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Hate Crime

Why do the police assume this was a "random attack" and not a hate crime? If this was a black man beaten to death in front of his family by people that were another race, it would have immediately have been considered a hate crime by the police and media. So why is it when an Indian man is murdered by people of another race, it is not a hate crime? Did the teens want to just kill the first person they saw no matter who it was? If this was a white or black family taking a walk instead would they have been attacked the same way? I hope the police are keeping their eyes open to this while investigating. The attackers should not be tried as juveniles either. They are almost 18 years old and they knew what they were doing. If they get tried as juveniles and not charged with a hate crime, then this will open the door to future hate crimes by "teens" on innocent people in the area.

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1 Thursday, 01 July 2010 14:16
To Hate Crime:

Agreed. 110%. But rest assure, if it is ultimately decide that this is racially motivated, the Indian population will not be quiet. As a young, Indian male, I will do everything in my power to make sure these 'kids' are tried as adults and given the nature of this heinous crime, I will do what I can to ensure they are tried with the most severe sentencing that can be given.

It's appalling. Again, we shouldn't be too presumptuous but that also doesn't mean we'll sit idly until the case is fully exhausted.

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