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Jul 05th
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I know Brown

I go to school with Brown, he is not lying about him being a Navy SEAL. EX-Seal has no right to question Mr. Browns service to hour country. He was and will always be a SEAL. He has suffered in IRAQ and we all owe him our gratitude. HE is no fraud, how dare you EX Seal for trying to discount him. For all we know Ex-Seal is a Christie operative.

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3 Monday, 12 March 2012 19:41
H. Trenky
If Brown is a bad egg... then our Governor is rather stupid for walking into his trap and getting taped acting like an "idiot" for all the world to see.
2 Sunday, 11 March 2012 00:57
Gratitude for what? Finding those WMDs? Stopping the Iraqis from invading North America? And you want to talk suffering? How about the 100k+ Iraqis killed in that farce of a war? gtfo
1 Friday, 09 March 2012 18:34
"All right listen closely, Republicans are organized and never get out of line. The bottom line behind everything we do is motivated by two main goals that you should never forget. The first goal is in every policy we are driven on getting us and our friends as rich as possible. The second goal is to do every thing we possibly can to maintain our wealth and the wealth for our friends. Don't ever go against those two policies; don't ever brake our oath and don't ever forget what this is really about." This is what William Brown posted on Christie's facebook page. He has the nerve to ask the Governor to say sorry for calling him an idiot when all he does is talk trash.

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