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Jul 06th
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1. One of those kids werent even part of it 2. There myspaces were from when they were younger get your facts straight one of them your trying to putdown and he wasnt even with them

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2 Friday, 09 July 2010 15:21
Stop defending them you worthless fuck! If that kid wasn't a part of it, then he was probably sitting his pussy ass in the car watching and laughing while the man was getting killed! He also deserves death penalty! And their myspaces are a disgrace to black people everywhere! It doesn't matter where those a$$holes are from, they killed a productive member of society when they themselves are worthless thugs. I propose death penalty to all of them. I want them dead.
1 Friday, 02 July 2010 09:56
I know you!
keep your eye open kid! you will find the fact that all of them was part of that horrible 'Game'.Police arrested 2 more kids so you need to get your fact straight.Stop defending them if you really don't know anything about it.

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