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May 30th
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why do you only talk about the bad things phish brought to atlantic city? we also helped bring a pile of money to a very poor city. in a season where they need it bad. and the mocking bird foundation is bound to make a donations to the AC school system. also, id love to hear what arrests normally happen in AC? Cocaine? Crack? Heroine? Meth? fights? gang wars? prostitution? us phish phans bring drugs that dont really hurt anyone or destroy lives. (the nitrous mafia brings the nitrous, not phish phans) we have a great time and treat our host city with respect. I also find it somewhat ridiculous that you make no mention of the fact that the cops let certain nitrous oxide crews sell there balloons for hours and hours right on the boardwalk before coming in to break it up... it was pretty obvious that certain nitrous crews had paid off the cops. and the cops were out busting the competition. this is the real story of the weekend. every night one nitrous crew got to make 10s of thousands of dollars and the cops did nothing. obvious pay off. but clearly bob holt is way to much of a hack to actually do any research or even go to atlantic city and see what its all about. he just writes his bias hit piece against the phish heads from his lame desk. seriously though, be a reporter you hack waste of journalism.


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