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Jul 07th
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Lindsay Lohan tanning lawsuit: No more orange, just the red

lohanLindsay022012_optTalk about the annoying orange …

Actress Lindsay Lohan owes Tanning Vegas, the Nevada company she has used to hone her lovely orangey skin tone, more than $41,000 for its services. She is now being sued by the company.

Lohan frequented Tanning Vegas between 2007 and 2009 and ran up the huge bill, and she was ordered by a Nevada judge nine months ago to pay the company immediately, according to TMZ.

But having gotten no response, Lorit Simon of the tanning company last week filed a lawsuit to recoup the money. Tanning Vegas hopes to get the suit moved to California “so it can attach Lohan’s assets to satisfy the judgment,” TMZ reported on Monday.

International Business Times reported that Simon previously sued Lohan for stealing her spray-tan formula and marketing it under the Sevin Nyne label, which she owns.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Mean Girls star has been accused of stealing. She was charged with swiping a necklace from a jewelry store in L.A. a year ago.

And her trouble with the law spans back to 2006, when alcohol abuse led to several stints in rehab following DUI charges that seemed like a monthly occurrence for the starlet.

Lohan recently had a guest star role on the popular “Glee” TV show and also hosted “Saturday Night Live” in March. In June, she is to begin filming “Liz and Dick,” a Lifetime TV movie about Elizabeth Taylor, whom Lohan will play, and Richard Burton, International Business Times reported.



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