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Apr 27th
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Harold Camping: This is Judgment Day

campingharold052811_optBY BOB HOLT

If you’re reading this, I guess we made it once again.

According to the Christian Post, doomsayer Harold Camping didn’t even give his Family Radio employees the day off on the latest day he predicted the world would end, October 21.

A call to Family Radio asking how employees are dealing with the impending rapture was answered by a receptionist, who had no comment. Family Radio was operating like any other day they weren’t expecting to die.

Camping made a statement on Thursday, saying that only 200 million humans will be saved by the Lord. According to Christian Post, he said, "We are living in an unusual time. On May 21, 2011, mankind entered into the Day of Judgment. This day will last for 5 months until October 21, 2011. The Bible is teaching us that this period of time is Judgment Day! On May 21, God shut the door to heaven, and today, God's work will be concluded.”


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Judgment Day: World to end on May 21, according to Doomsday prediction by Harold Camping

With his position perfectly clear, Camping and company are avoiding the media this time. The Christian Science Monitor reported that in a request for information about the latest doomsday, Camping’s daughter Susan Espinoza responded, "I'm sorry to disappoint you, but we at Family Radio have been directed to not talk to the media or the press."

Calls to Family Radio’s ministry in Oakland were not returned, and several followers declined to comment.

Back in May, around the time of Camping’s May 21 doom prediction, a Family Radio employee said 80 percent of Camping’s employees do not believe his predictions.


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